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For Instructors

We often think of an extra set of controls or some command buttons for the instructor as a great thing for students. Flip it around for a moment and think how cool to have CFI's that can practice on the ground, what taking over flight controls looks and feels like. And yes -they can release from tow, or whatever. What we are going to do (quite soon) is just write an app that we'll sell on the site (for very reasonable price) that will allow you to simply buy a run of the mill Logitech flight stick (these are like under $50 USD), install our app, and then plug in a standard flight stick that usually has loads of buttons on it as well - and those buttons can be assigned to do all sorts of things in Condor (air brakes, flaps, tow release, you name it..) In theory, wouldn't be hard to have two full sim rigs connected to simulate tandem cross country or giving the CFI a full set of controls. We are playing with that idea now - but again, technically not a high bar for us, just need to see if some demand there.

Glider Sim Pro Product Details

NO.. The Glider Sim Pro , glider simulator cockpit, does not include the following items: Computer, keyboard (wireless is best, we think - and many have a touchpad included so no need mouse!), Mouse, Computer Monitor/Display (or video/power cables), and we don't include the actual simulator software - the most common and by far the best - Condor Soaring. None of these things are included and must be purchased separately. Conceptually just think we are like a few windows peripherals/ USB accessories (hardware that talks to software, we do the hardware)

The assembled frame is 120 x 67 cm (or approx 48" x 27") That's on the floor. Depending on your monitor setup, will be wider at the front. With a typical wide gaming monitor you might be pushing 80-ish cm wide and 30 something inches. If you recline the seat in a normal position also adding probably around 25 cm (10") to the length. So call it 145 cm x 80 cm , or 58" by 31" relative to the other bits not on the floor (seat / monitor). You also need to stick the computer / PC somewhere on the front or side of unit.   

Yes! We are indeed working on some mounts so that users can slap on 3rd party hardware (the nice thing with 80/20 aluminum!) and enjoy their favorite fighter jet or warbird sims. We'll work up some prototypes soon and get some pics up here and on social media.

PC Spec / Condor Related

This has all to do with the simulator software side of things (usually Condor), and anything else you may plan to do with your PC such as general aviation simulation or car racing or just general gaming type stuff. Just remember - we are USB peripheral inputs into Windows, that's it. So nothing on our hardware side is hard, resource intensive, or even special in the Windows world. It sees our rig no diff than it would see a keyboard for instance -just inputs via USB. 

You can head over to Condor's website for more - but remember if you plan to do other stuff with your PC, in addition to Condor, then you may need an even higher spec on processor, memory, etc. The requirements for Condor itself are quite reasonable, and in general, we would say less demanding than most shooter games, or say MS Flight Sim, etc Condor Soaring PC Requirements There are many config options, but most people can put together a decent Condor box from anywhere between $500 to $1000 USD (again depending and "your results may vary")

We may in the coming months try to work with a custom PC builder so that for USA customers anyway, you could click a link on our site here and it would pre-load a shopping cart on the PC vendor's end of things and preload all the core bits you'd need for that particular config - and maybe offer a "good, better, best" array of say 3 configs from cheap / minimum up to $$$/over the top.  

Just like with the PC spec FAQ - keep in mind our system is just an input device to windows via USB. As for Condor Soaring (the software), YES it does have support for major VR headsets. There are several threads on the forum over at Condor that you may find of interest. VR support related 


Yes, our plan is to have one or more fulfillment warehouses in UK/ Europe in the next several months.