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Glider Sim Pro
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Glider Sim Pro

Regular price $1,895.00

The Glider Sim Pro is what you need to get off the ground (so to speak) with a simulator system built from the ground up for a soaring pilot. With features you'll only find in a glider and only in our Glider Sim Rig, you will enjoy a realistic a soaring experience even while on the ground!


  • Ergonomic cockpit layout for hours of soaring in Condor Soaring or your glider sim software of choice
  • Rugged Anodized T Slot aluminum construction - no plastic here! Built for the long haul!
  • Comfortable seat and seating configuration for longer task or cross country Condor flights
  • Realistic flaps with notched detents (6 or 7 position) 
  • Spoiler/ Air Brake with spring resistance
  • Joystick with two x five position (up/down/left/right/center press) buttons and a PTT (radio) button.  Total 11 assignable buttons!  It is linear force / normal type - not force feedback
  • Adjustable (front/back) aluminum construction rudder pedals 
  • Landing gear handle with realistic position/action
  • Two assignable rotary knobs and 3 assignable fixed buttons for more flexibility in your Condor Soaring simulator setup
  • Tow release handle (yellow) on left side of cockpit and in proximity of most modern glider cockpits 
  • Standard/included keyboard / snack / note pad tray
  • Standard / included cup holder for beverage of choice
  • Ability to add RAM or other custom flight computer mounts (as shown) - a real benefit of T Slot aluminum
  • Mounting feet on the sim rig base - prevents floor scratching / slipping
  • Silicon elbow pad for comfort
  • Seat color production version will be charcoal black base with gray trim (not the taupe as shown) - we want to be as neutral / "chameleon" as possible
  • NOT INCLUDED: PC / simulator software (Condor Soaring, etc) / monitor(s) / flight computer (phone, pad), RAM style mount or other accessories
  • COMING SOON - triple monitor mount option
  • FOR INSTRUCTORS: we will soon have avail for purchase/download a Windows program that allows an instructor to plug in any standard flight joystick controller and be able to take over flight controls, make corrections, pull tow release (with assigned button on controller), etc.  Not only good for teaching, but good for the instructors to practice this on the ground!

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